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Pick your own groceries

Due to popular demand, you can now pick which grocery items you want to order. Whether you need to re-up on goods or you want to save time on dinner prep, we’ve got you covered.

See the complete list below:

1 qt chicken soup

1 qt tomato soup

1 qt mashed potatoes

1 qt uncooked rice

16 oz cabernet vinaigrette

16 oz sherry vinaigrette

16 oz caesar dressing

16 oz tarragon dressing

16 oz golden balsamic vinaigrette

Partial baked sourdough bread

Partial baked baguette

Whole cooked steak (serves 4)

Cooked Salt & Pepper or Chipotle chicken (serves 4)

Whole Raw Chicken

Package of Raw Chicken Breast

6 pk Red Trolley Beer (must be purchased with food)

Added 4/22/20:

0.25 lb block of pecorino or manchego

5 yukon potatoes

2 onions

5 oranges

5 apples

1 bunch of bananas

1 small container of strawberries

1 pineapple

1 bag of grapes

5 jalapenos

1 herb bag of basil

1 herb bag of cilantro

1 herb bag of parsley

5 carrots

1 bunch of celery

5 tomatoes

2 heads of garlic

1 bunch of asparagus

5 lemons

5 limes

5 wagyu beef hotdogs

5 brioche hotdog buns by Larder Bakery

1.5 lb Thick-cut bacon

Added 4/17/20:

12 oz ribeye steaks (2 or 4 pack)

8 oz wagyu hamburger patties (2 pack)

2 brioche buns from Larder Baking Company

1 dz flour tortillas 10”

1 dz corn tortillas 6”

1 lb pasta (various types)

1 bag farro

1 qt jasmine rice

Added 4/8/20:

1 gallon whole milk

1 dz eggs

12 oz Bicycle ground coffee

1 lb unsalted butter

2 qts all-purpose flour

1 qt brown sugar

1 qt white sugar

16 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips

Available exclusively at Tender Greens.

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