Which Fried Chicken Sandwich are You?

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Yes, there’s three! Each sandwich is made with real, locally sourced ingredients, so you can feel good about indulging. Choose from spicy, cool, or sweet—and see what your tastes say about you. Get your hands on all of them (fries, included) now.

The Classic

Cabbage slaw, sweet and spicy pickles, maple glaze, and chili aioli.

  • You are reliable, complex yet simple, and affectionate
  • Most likely to pick up the phone on the first ring
  • Fave hobby: cooking for your loved ones
The Ktown

Cabbage slaw, kimchee cucumbers, gochujang glaze, and aioli.

  • You are adventurous, passionate, and stylish
  • Most likely to leave people on read but not on purpose
  • Fave hobby: discovering new music and movies
The Ranch

Butter lettuce, dill pickles, tomatoes, and ranch dressing.

  • You are easy going, observant, and spontaneous
  • Most likely to stop and help someone with a flat tire
  • Fave hobby: traveling

Only available in the month of December.


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