Thoughtfully Sourced Seasonal Vegetables

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Seasonal Veggies

We thoughtfully source fresh ingredients from farmers that we know and trust. Our spring menu offers carrots, mushrooms, snap peas, and rainbow cauliflower that are in season and at their peak of freshness! Learn more about where we source our veggies from and their various health benefits below.

Snap Peas


Snap Peas – a good source of vitamin C which helps with immune function and helps heal cuts and wounds. Snap peas also contain iron which helps produce red blood cells. Vitamin K is also in snap peas, which helps with blood clotting and bone health.


H.W. “Cy” Mann began his career trimming fruit and lettuce for 40¢ an hour. In 1939, he opened a fresh carrot packing operation and a business was born. From day one, Mr. Mann built a reputation for honesty and integrity—one that remains with us today.

As their team of innovative thinkers continue to deliver some of the best vegetable products on the market, they also understand the need as a company to be a responsible global citizen. At Mann™, sustainability continues to be top of mind throughout all of their operations. Their newest facility in Gonzales, California is equipped with a 260-foot tall wind turbine that will help offset our energy usage. At their Salinas, California facilities, wash water is reclaimed into industrial waste systems for use on golf courses and city landscaping. They are also diligent in tracking our waste streams and continue to find solutions towards reducing our waste.



Carrots – they may promote healthy vision, balance your blood sugar, help with weight management, lower your risk of cancer, regulate blood pressure, reduce heart disease, improve immunity, and boost brain health.


Grimmway Farms – Grimmway Farms traces its roots to a produce stand opened by the Grimm brothers. Today, Grimmway is the world’s largest producer of carrots.  They maintain their commitment to caring for customers and employees, honoring sustainable practices and preserving natural resources for generations to come.

Bolthouse Farms – At Bolthouse Farms, they believe in making better choices about how their food is grown. They use compost to amend the soil on a regular basis, to replenish organic matter and nurture the roots. Their process is designed to make use of the whole carrot. From tip to greens, we make sure each inch of the carrot reaches its full potential. Carrots are juiced into fresh beverages, cut and peeled into baby carrots or shaped into Chips and Matchstix. Even the leftover carrot tops are used as fertilizer in the fields.



Mushrooms – a rich, low-calorie source of fiber, protein, and antioxidants. They may also help to lessen the risk of developing serious health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. They’re also great sources of: Selenium.


South Mill Mushrooms – South Mill Champs began four generations ago in 1932 when Louie Pia, an Italian immigrant, began operating a small mushroom farm in southeastern Chester County, Pennsylvania. Since then, they have continued to expand and grow in the mushroom industry ⁠— acquiring new farms, building new facilities equipped with the latest technology, and extending our distribution network ⁠— in an effort to become one of the largest, most trusted mushroom growers in North America. Their mission is to nourish the planet sustainably by providing the North American market with responsibly grown, great tasting, good-for-you mushrooms.

Phillips Mushroom Farms – Their commitment to quality is one part of their success. At Phillips, they are dedicated to utilizing the industry’s highest standards of excellence to ensure that our mushrooms meet the requirements for safe quality food. They want all of our customers to feel confident that they’re receiving a fresh, delicious and safe mushroom product. Not only do their procedures comply with the requirements established by the industry’s Mushroom Good Agricultural Practices (MGAP) but they take it a step further with several outside organization certifications. Those include HACCP, SQF, GFSI, USDA and several more.


Farmers Fresh Mushrooms – Farmers’ Fresh farms is owned by Tan Truong and his wife Hue Huynh both hands on mushroom growers. Until recently they brought in the only son Tim to be President and take over the day to day operations. Farmers’ Fresh farms hold the Gold Standard for food safety. They strictly adhere to the rigorous guidelines of the Canadian Mushroom Grower Association* and its On-Farm Food Safety program which complies with the Food Safety Enhancement Program of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the international standards set by the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. They also undergo an annual food safety audit by Primus Labs which entails a micro- analysis of water sources, the environment, our production and the final product. The biggest Farmers’ Fresh farm is owned and operated by our president, Tan Truong, a hands-on farmer, who lives on the property and personally inspects every facility daily.

Rainbow Cauliflower


Rainbow Cauliflower – an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, folate, and vitamin K. Anthocyanins – along with carotenoids which are abundant in orange, purple and yellow cauliflower – are considered one of the most important nutrients for eye health.


Salad Savoy Corp – Salad Savoy Corporation is the brainchild of John Moore in 1983, following a trip to Sweden. While he was there, he visited a vegetable garden and was struck by what he saw, and tasted! Through detailed research and development, not only did he create an entirely new vegetable, trademarked under the name Salad Savoy., he named his entire company after it. From Sweden to Salinas, California, where it currently calls home, John knew Salad Savoy Corporation was going to be the next big thing. He was so confident in its success that he formed a family business around it. Salad Savoy officially entered the marketplace in 1984. Soon after, it was recognized by the magazine as one of the “100 Best New Ideas of the Year.” 

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