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about us

Two chefs and a foodie set out to change the way people eat for the better. Our inspiration? The meals we had when our friends came over. The food. The pairings. The exploration. The energy. And the promise that on any given day we’d eat or drink something we wouldn’t find anywhere else. So we opened Tender Greens in 2006 and started a food revolution. Welcome to our kitchen.

Tender Greens chef preparing meat


Number of Tender Greens locations, each one run by its own executive chef.


Year we opened our very first restaurant from humble beginnings in Culver City.

Good Food
For Everyone

We start with the best ingredients, cook from the heart and let our food do the talking. No compromises, no matter what. Sustainability is at the core of all the choices we make, from our food to our planet to the future of farming. It’s in our DNA. After all, we’re chefs.

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