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Lacy Moody, Executive Chef


21247 Hawthorne Blvd

Torrance, CA 90503

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(424) 488-0639

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Executive Chef

Lacy Moody

Tender Greens taught me how to cook, braise, run a business, and make a really delicious savory pot pie. I started as a salad maker 10 years ago and now I lead the Torrance restaurant.

Chef Lacy Moody

December 02nd

Good News

#tgms19 The Classic, made with cabbage slaw, sweet & spicy pickles, maple glaze, and chili aioli. The Ktown, made with cabbage slaw, kimchee cucumbers, gochujang glaze, & aioli. The Ranch, made with butter lettuce, dill pickles, tomatoes, & ranch dressing. Available in December!


Pacific Bowl is Back

This is what you've been missing. Reunite your taste buds with our Pacific Bowl with your choice of katsu chicken, togarashi tuna or togarashi salmon on a yummy bed of sushi rice. It's finished with spicy miso mayo, pickled cucumber, carrot, greens, sesame and ginger dressing. Order online or in-app now.